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Bare Root Roses - Why should I buy them?

What are bare root roses?

Bare root is the term used to describe roses which are dormant and which are free from flowers and foliage and are supplied without soil around its roots. The traditional time to purchase and bare root roses is in the winter months.

Benefits of bare root roses

More environmentally friendly

Good value for money

Easy to plant

Bare root roses are more more environmentally friendly as they come without a pot and in FSC paper packaging so less packaging and less waste to recycle.

Bare root roses are good value for money as they are cheaper than potted roses, and so perfect for buying in bulk.

Although they resemble simply sticks and roots, bare root roses are easy to plant in the garden or in a large container and once planted, will quickly establish and will then flower in the summer months with the same vigour as you would expect from a potted rose.

When to plant bare root roses

Bare root roses are traditionally planted out between November and April.

What to do once your bare root roses arrive

When you receive your bare root roses, please check that the roots are still moist and if not, it is a good idea to soak the roots for 24 hours prior to planting or further storage.

Once the roots are damp, they can be stored in the packaging they were delivered in, the put into a cool, dark place where they can stay for up to 4 weeks. Bare root roses can then be planted in the ground. Thereafter thoroughly water them in.

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