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Q: When is the best time to order?


A: Orders can be placed from mid-July for bare-root roses which are dispatched from November until mid-March. Potted roses are available all year round.


Q: When will my roses arrive?


A: Orders placed on the internet for bare-root roses are delivered in the autumn unless stated on the order (November to Mid March). Potted roses are usually despatched within 10 working days. Special delivery dates can be arranged.


Q: My rose has got seven leaves. Is this a sucker?


A: No, this is a general misconception, while most of the hybrid teas and floribundas have just 5 leaves many of the roses belonging to the other groups have 7 or even more leaflets. There are no hard and fast rules to distinguish a sucker but generally, the leaves have 7 leaflets and are a pale green as are the stems which are often smooth with few thorns. Suckers come only from the rootstock on which the garden rose is budded and so will only come from below the bud union. The young growth from some roses can be very vigorous and look out of character and rather sucker-like, so do check carefully before cutting these otherwise you may well ruin the plant.


Q: I’m planting in a bed where roses have been before, what do I need to do?


A: It’s best to change the soil if at all possible to avoid the risk of soil sickness, however if this is not possible you can use a product called Rootgrow a mycorrhizal fungi, which is a “friendly fungus” that when used attaches itself to the root system, not only benefiting the plant but helps them become stronger, healthier and more vibrant! Available to buy online, instore or by telephone.



Q: What is the difference between a climber and a rambler?


A: Climbers generally flower continuously throughout the summer. As they are less vigorous and more controllable than ramblers. Ramblers are in general, much more vigorous. They will produce large clusters of small flowers with great freedom. Most do not repeat flower but there are several newer introductions that are continuous flowering. Most climbers are best for walls, trellises, arches, obelisks whereas ramblers are generally better for growing into trees and covering pergolas or large structures such as garages or sheds.



Q: What is the difference between a Hybrid Tea and a Floribunda?


A: Hybrid Teas have many blooms and petals that form a distinctive raised cone shape. They are less bushy than floribundas, and usually, have only one flower on each stem although there are a few exceptions. Floribundas tend to flower in clusters rather than individually, the blooms tend to be smaller but have the big advantage of appearing recurrently throughout the summer and autumn.

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